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Free Essays on The Hurricane

The reason for this paper is to dismember the film, â€Å"The Hurricane†, and endeavor to dissect it through the extent of wrongdoing or potentially exploitation, keeping in mind the desire of applying different standards, speculations, and ideal models related with wrongdoing or potentially exploitation. In the first place, I should give a short abstract of the over two hour film as to give a thought of the time period that this film involves on the grounds that authentic and true to life setting are significant in the event that we need to take a gander at the film in this specific light. The Hurricane is a sincerely charged show, which investigates the life and unfair detainment of boxing legend Rubin â€Å"Hurricane† Carter. The film begins by reviewing Carters’ annihilation of welter-weight boss of the world Emile Griffith, while the story at the same time flashes to Carters’ imprisonment. The following scene is of the wrongdoing in 1966 that Carter is improperly indicted for submitting where three individuals are executed in a neighborhood bar. Therefore, Rubin Carter and John Artis are both attempted and sentenced for three checks of homicide. The film at that point shows Carter composing his diaries, which lead to arrival of his book â€Å"The Sixteenth Round†. After seven years a young person (Lersa Martin) from Brooklyn, New York and three Canadian liberal activists (Terry, Sam, and Lisa) who read Carters’ story are persuaded of Carters guiltlessness and are resolved to help set Carter free. In the long run, in 1985 Rubin â⠂¬Å"Hurricane Carter is absolved of the charges and set free. In the regular terms we would ordinarily say that Rubin Carter was only the survivor of a slanted equity framework yet we should take a gander at this with better eyes and concentrate progressively intensive implications of wrongdoing as well as exploitation. To begin with, lets investigate this movies setting. The killings and Carters conviction and detainment occurred in the violent occasions of the late sixties when blacks were battling for their social equality. With so much social agitation ... Free Essays on The Hurricane Free Essays on The Hurricane The reason for this paper is to dismember the film, â€Å"The Hurricane†, and endeavor to investigate it through the extent of wrongdoing as well as exploitation, keeping in mind the desire of applying different standards, speculations, and ideal models related with wrongdoing and additionally exploitation. Initially, I should give a short summation of the over two hour film as to give a thought of the time period that this film involves on the grounds that authentic and true to life setting are significant on the off chance that we need to take a gander at the film in this specific light. The Hurricane is a sincerely charged show, which investigates the life and illegitimate imprisonment of boxing legend Rubin â€Å"Hurricane† Carter. The film begins by reviewing Carters’ annihilation of welter-weight boss of the world Emile Griffith, while the story at the same time flashes to Carters’ imprisonment. The following scene is of the wrongdoing in 1966 that Carter is illegitimately indicted for submitting where three individuals are murdered in a nearby bar. Therefore, Rubin Carter and John Artis are both attempted and sentenced for three checks of homicide. The film at that point shows Carter composing his diaries, which lead to arrival of his book â€Å"The Sixteenth Round†. After seven years a young person (Lersa Martin) from Brooklyn, New York and three Canadian liberal activists (Terry, Sam, and Lisa) who read Carters’ story are persuaded of Carters honesty and are resolved to help set Carter free. In the end, in 1985 Rubin â€Å"H urricane Carter is excused of the charges and set free. In the regular terms we would typically say that Rubin Carter was only the survivor of a slanted equity framework yet we should take a gander at this with better eyes and concentrate progressively intensive implications of wrongdoing as well as exploitation. To start with, lets investigate this movies setting. The homicides and Carters conviction and detainment occurred in the violent occasions of the late sixties when blacks were battling for their social liberties. With so much social turmoil ...

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I Will Forever Draw free essay sample

Each Christmas that I can recall that, I requested and got a workmanship unit. Provided with pastels, shading pencils, markers, and watercolors, I had the enchantment to release my inward child’s creative mind. I constantly drew Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, and made my own characters. Climbing through primary school, I for the most part was discovered drawing and exceeded expectations my abilities in drawing that my educators would staggeringly say, â€Å"Did you truly draw this?† or â€Å"Wow, that is astonishing, you’re very talented.† I believed I was a rising craftsman. At the point when I at long last showed up in center school, I found the motivation that would move me for a real existence time. Anime and manga was my most extreme revelation. Anime is Japanese movement and kid's shows that are known for its huge eye style. Manga is Japanese funnies that are perused from option to left. Out of nowhere, I came to understand that I had cherished anime longer then I had ever recognized. We will compose a custom exposition test on I Will Forever Draw or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The characters that I had drawn when I was a kid were anime from the start. I initiated to draw a ton of characters from mangas and I represented my very own significant number novel figures with an anime approach. Moreover, I started to peruse numerous arrangement of manga that moved me to reveal original thoughts. From sci-fi to sentiment and satire, there is a manga for everybody. I can watch anime on Youtube for quite a long time. My preferred animes are Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I like to state, â€Å"Anime is my enemy of drug.† I am dependent. At the point when high school’s inviting entryways opened, I knew toward the finish of the multi year venture, I would need to focus on who or what I needed to be. Prior to entering the limit of secondary school, I didn’t have a suspicion, I knew, what my profession field would be. I unceasingly longed for being a visual artist. At Valley Regional High School, they offered realistic expressions. This elective is craftsmanship and innovation consolidated; they allowed me to develop my energy. I learned structure, shooting, altering, and projects like Adobe Photoshop and Flash. I had what it takes to propel myself in realistic expressions that I never knew existed. I had the ability to breath life into my specialty. It opened another world to me. Nearby with all the bedlam in a computerized universe, I despite everything got back to anime. Anime and manga helped me to support my inventiveness level. Essentially, thoughts that I brought to the table were seeded by an anime , however later I learned not to incline toward anime as a support for motivation. I was equipped for creating unique thoughts all alone. At the point when I glance back at my past, anime gave off an impression of being there and will consistently be. Anime is my everlastingly muse. Anime was there when I was youthful and urged me to draw, anime was there when I required motivation, and anime is all the more then a pastime, however an enthusiasm. I see a fanatical and energized future ahead. The progression of time may have transformed me, yet a few things will consistently remain. I will wind up sometime making common known characters. I will discover my approach to dream an endless fantasy about being an illustrator. I will always draw.

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Complete Guide to Write Mind Blowing About Us Page

Complete Guide to Write Mind Blowing About Us Page If I say please tell me about yourself? I am sure you wont able to talk much. But this is an important question while you for any Job interview. But not only for Job interview but also this is required and essential for your Blog, Website and Business Page. Your sites readers always want to know who is behind this site. And want to know more details about you and your site. If you are having a personal Blog then this must be a killer weapon for turning your Blog readers into super fans. But what about Blogs about us page? Yes Blogs about us page is proper blending of about you and your Blog Information. Dont think this is a page about your name, parents information, education information and marital status etc. Because you have to think what readers want to know? Live Demo For writing a killer About Me or About Us page you have to struggle little bit. Because this is the featured page of any Blog, where readers frequently visit. Let your audience know which reader group suitable for your site? This is pretty simple but important that which audience is suitable for your Blog. Though visitors will understand after visiting your site but you should state clearly. Suppose you have made your Blog for teenage people but you are targeting the adult readers. So you are targeting wrong readers group and they wont connect with your Blog. Ifaccidentallyvisit your Blog then they will exit from there instantly andnever come back. How readers will benefit by reading your Website? This thing will come first that what values give your Blog to your readers? Just think and write up in a piece of paper. From my point of view it should be written point basis. Thus readers can get clear idea. Your blog readers want to know why they will read your Blog. What are the benefits to read your Blog? For example- By reading your Blog readers can start their Blogging career or they will able to improve SEO. In addition they may earn money by learning tricks from your Blog. Explain your sites BIO for potential audience After knowing the Blog value and audience readers want to know little bit about your site, that how this is going on? Because sites BIO represent complete scenario about your Blog site. Explain how you have started this Blog and why you are doing Blogging? In addition, you can mention domain registration date; first post date, about traffic flow, Sites monthly earnings etc. Think Why should someone read your blog? And what will they get out of your posts? Are you providing Blogging Tips? Health Tips? Or Gadget Review Let them know through about us page. So they can expect from your site what they want. You can tell on About us page about your post type or mention some popular series that you already shared in your Blog. IF you have written some awesome Guest article in popular Blog then mention them with links. This will bring more credibility toward your website from readers. Which types of posts do you write? Do you have any awesome series that people should know about? Where should they start? Give brief information with personal BIO I think you are going through right track. Finally you are going to explain about your personal Bio. First select a good quality image to display your Photo on About Us page. Use Photoshop or any better photo editing tools to edit picture. But keep natural color. Dont use any blurry image. Now its time to talk about your personal BIO. In this section dont share about you everything just shares which are related with your Blog. For example talk about how your Blog is helping to improve your life style? What biggest changed has brought after starting Blogging career? Why did you start it? Etc. Now, its okay to include some random information, such as about your living room, are or city. Moreover, you can tell your site readers about your hobbies just try to connect with your audience different way. You may have more idea, so dont fill your About Page with only the above information. Add few Good Quality Images This is not mandatory but for spicing up your About Me or About Us page you can add few good quality picture. For example you are writing on laptop or discussing something or your Blog writing room. If you arent able to take picture then you can get in web. Get any copyright free image and add it in your About Me or About Us page. This will attract your audience on About Me or About Us page. Add Call to Action (CTA) at the End of the page Grab the chance to turning readers into loyal. If a readers read your About us page first time then they may feel interest about your site. So why dont you take the chance of it? Just add a email subscription box at the bottom of the About us page and get the readers in your mail list. This is known as Call to action (CTA) trick. Because sometimes readers feel encourage when they see a call to action. Not only set email subscription box you can also add Facebook, twitter Like button and write there Say Hello to me on Facebook or Twitter. But wise decision will be adding single subscription option. If you add all social media site link including email subscription option then they may feel annoying. Go more professional way just ask to your audience to stay up to day with your site. Without call to action button many people forget about the site which was feel interesting. Your readers may read a good article on your site but if they failed to bookmark your page then they will forget about your site. So push the readers to become a Fan or subscribe to your mailing lists. Here the details about creating a mind blowing About Me or About Us page creation technique. But I am damn sure that you have better idea than me. Please share with me. Let me know how you tailored your About Me or About Us page in your Blog?

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Periscope Inventors Sir Howard Grubb and Simon Lake

A periscope  is an optical device for conducting observations from a concealed or protected position. Simple periscopes consist of reflecting mirrors and/or prisms at opposite ends of a tube container. The reflecting surfaces are parallel to each other and at a 45 ° angle to the axis of the tube. The Military This basic form of periscope, with the addition of two simple lenses, served for observation purposes in the trenches during  World War I. Military personnel also use periscopes in some  gun turrets. Tanks  use periscopes extensively: They allow military personnel to check out their situation without leaving the safety of the tank. An important development, the  Gundlach rotary periscope, incorporated a rotating top, allowing a tank commander to obtain a 360-degree field of view without moving his seat.  This design, patented by  Rudolf Gundlach  in 1936, first saw use in the  Polish  7-TP  light tank (produced from 1935 to 1939).   Periscopes also  enabled soldiers to see over the tops of trenches, thus avoiding exposure to enemy fire (especially from snipers).  During  World War II, artillery observers and officers used specifically-manufactured periscope binoculars with different mountings. More complex periscopes, using  prisms  and/or advanced fiber optics instead of mirrors, and providing magnification, operate on  submarines  and in various fields of science. The overall design of the classical submarine periscope is very simple: two telescopes pointed into each other. If the two telescopes have different individual magnification, the difference between them causes an overall magnification or reduction.​ Sir Howard Grubb   The Navy attributes the invention of the periscope (1902) to Simon Lake and the perfection of the periscope to Sir Howard Grubb. For all its innovations,  USS Holland  had at least one major flaw; lack of vision when submerged. The submarine had to broach the surface so the crew could look out through windows in the conning tower. Broaching deprived the Holland of one of the submarine’s greatest advantages – stealth. Lack of vision, when submerged, was eventually corrected when Simon Lake used prisms and lenses to develop the omniscope, forerunner of the periscope. Sir Howard Grubb, a designer of astronomical instruments, developed the modern periscope that was first used in Holland-designed British Royal Navy submarines. For more than 50 years, the periscope was the submarine’s only visual aid until underwater television was installed aboard the nuclear-powered submarine  USS Nautilus. Thomas Grubb (1800-1878) founded a telescope-making firm in Dublin. Sir Howard Grubbs father was noted for inventing and constructing machinery for printing. In the early 1830s, he made an observatory for his own use equipped with a 9-inch (23cm) telescope. Thomas Grubbs youngest son Howard (1844-1931) joined the firm in 1865, under his hand the company gained a reputation for the first-class Grubb telescopes. During the First World War, demand was on Grubbs factory to make gunsights and periscopes for the war effort and it was during those years that Grubb perfected the periscopes design.

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Bucephalus The Horse of Alexander the Great

Bucephalus was the famous and well-loved horse of Alexander the Great. Plutarch tells the story of how a 12-year old Alexander won the horse: A horse dealer offered the horse to Alexanders father, Philip II of Macedonia, for the enormous sum of 13 talents. Since no one could tame the animal, Philip wasnt interested, but Alexander was and promised to pay for the horse should he fail to tame it. Alexander was allowed to try and then surprised everyone by subduing it. How Alexander Tamed Bucephalus Alexander spoke soothingly and turned the horse so that the horse didnt have to see its shadow, which had seemed to distress the animal. With the horse now calm, Alexander had won the wager. Alexander named his prize horse Bucephalus and so loved the animal that when the horse died, in 326 B.C., Alexander named a city after the horse: Bucephala. Ancient Writers on Bucephalus King Alexander had also a very remarkable horse; it was called Bucephalus, either on account of the fierceness of its aspect, or because it had the figure of a bulls head marked on its shoulder. It is said, that he was struck with its beauty when he was only a boy, and that it was purchased from the stud of Philonicus, the Pharsalian, for thirteen talents. When it was equipped with the royal trappings, it would suffer no one except Alexander to mount it, although at other times it would allow anyone  to do so. A memorable circumstance connected with it in battle is recorded of this horse; it is said that when it was wounded in the attack upon Thebes, it would not allow Alexander to mount any other horse. Many other circumstances, also, of a similar nature, occurred respecting it; so that when it died, the king duly performed its obsequies, and built around its tomb a city, which he named after it  The Natural History of Pliny, Volume 2, by Pliny (the Elder.), John Bostock, Henry Thomas RileyThat on the further side, he namd NicÅ“a, in Memory of his Victory over the Indians; This he namd Bucephalus, to perpetuate the Memory of his Horse Bucephalus, which died there, not because of any Wound he had received, but meerly of old Age, and excess of Heat; for when this happend, he was nigh thirty Years Old: He had also endurd much Fatigue, and undergone many Dangers with his Matter, and would never suffer any, except Alexander himself, to mount him. He was strong, and beautiful in Body, and of a generous Spirit. The Mark by which he was said to have been particularly distinguished, was a Head like an Ox, from whence he receivd his Name of Bucephalus: Or rather, according to others, because he being Black, had a white Mark upon his Forehead, not unlike those which Oxen often bear.  Arrians History of Alexanders Expedition, Volume 2

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Estimating The Age Of An Unidentified Person - 1468 Words

Estimating the age at time of death from an unidentified individual’s remains is an important factor of forensic anthropology. There are certain standard processes and procedures that are employed in the lab to help determine the age as well as other biological profile data. In young adults, bone and tooth maturation are often used to roughly estimate the age of the body. In adults, the deterioration of bones is used to predict the age of the unknown body. However, there are factors that can alter the ability to accurately predict the age of an unidentified person. These factors include, but are not limited to, the environment, the culture they are surrounded by and their natural development time. These variations can cause changes in bone degeneration among populations. When such techniques to determine the age first started being used, the sample for the standards were all from North America meaning there was very little variation and accuracy for it to be used for all ethnicities. As time passed, researchers started evaluating specific populations in order to create more area specific standards. With this came the introduction of new methods and techniques that can be used to determine the age, such as the one in this study. This study focuses on the chest plate, specifically the sternal ends of ribs. The sternal ends of ribs are a good indication for age because the standards allow for age of death estimation above fifty years of age whereas most other standards doShow MoreRelatedFriday Mourning By Kathy Reichs1549 Words   |  7 Pagesto determine individual s age, sex, time of death, and physical condition from their skeleton remains. It is extremely crucial that Brennan diagnoses the skeleton remains accurately, as the legal investigation greatly depends on it. Brennan refers to multiple biological anthropology methods while she was assessing these skeletons. She analyzes morphological features such as pelvis for a quick sex assessment and relies on radiocarbon dating to indicate when the person died. To begin with, BrennanRead MoreThree Dimensional Facial Reconstruction ( Gupta Et Al1642 Words   |  7 Pagesthird method identified was â€Å"combination Manchester Method/ British Method† where â€Å"soft tissue and facial muscles† are accounted for through the examination of the skull, and application of the database values for soft tissue depths determined from age, sex and ethnicity of individual (as discussed earlier) (Gupta et al., 2015, 27). There are many more steps required in this method to obtain a reconstruction of a face, taking different characteristics of the given skull, for example, â€Å"the thicknessRead MoreOsteology: Estimating Femur Length from the Diameter of the Femoral Shaft2779 Words   |  12 Pages BIEGN3005 Honours Project March 2010 Student name: Stephen Dempsey Supervisor name: Professor Alan Turner Estimating femur length from the diameter of the femoral shaft Stephen Dempsey BIEGN300 Honours Project Person Number: 343106 Submission Date: 5th March 2010 Abstract Bone lengths can be used to provide stature estimations in case of unidentified skeletal remains, an important tool in forensic and bioarchaelogical cases. Where the bones are broken or fragmented, regressionRead MoreForensic Anthropology Analysis Conducted On The 21 / 11 / 141921 Words   |  8 PagesForensic Anthropology Analysis conducted on the 21/11/14 Introduction: The practical involved examining the unidentified remains found in the back garden of Mr Wills’ house following his suicide. The remains were subject to a skeletal inventory, a brief examination (in order to assess the condition of the bones), sex estimation and stature estimation. All of these examinations were conducted with the objective of producing a biological profile for the victim/s in order to gain a better understandingRead MoreDamodaran Book on Investment Valuation, 2nd Edition398423 Words   |  1594 PagesModels Chapter 7: Riskless Rates and Risk Premiums Chapter 8: Estimating Risk Parameters and Costs of Financing Chapter 9: Measuring Earnings Chapter 10: From Earnings to Cash Flows Chapter 11: Estimating Growth Chapter 12: Closure in Valuation: Estimating Terminal Value Chapter 13: Dividend Discount Models Chapter 14: Free Cashflow to Equity Models Chapter 15: Firm Valuation: Cost of Capital and APV Approaches Chapter 16: Estimating Equity Value Per Share Chapter 17: Fundamental Principles ofRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesOutsourcing 12.1.1 Procurement requirements [G.8] Contract types Conflict management 12.2.7 The art of negotiating Change requests Chapter 13 Monitoring Progress Chapter 5 Estimating Times and Costs 6.4 Activity duration estimates (.3) 6.4.2 Estimating tools (.1.3.4) 6.3.1 Identifying resources 7.1 Activity cost estimates (. Delphi method Chapter 6 10.5.3 Cost/schedule system (.1) 6.6 .2.1 Time performance Cost baseline developmentRead MoreDental Patient Management System12401 Words   |  50 PagesContact no, and Email. Each party has unique identification number. For example customers must have customer ID and very importantly the Past History of their health status, and the complaint type. These details are helpful for contact a particular person of any information. If anyone changes the location or contact number that should be updated in the database. * Maintain Patient History amp; X-rays The sub system should be maintain patient details taken at the time of registration and it shouldRead MoreTapal Tea Marketing Report12701 Words   |  51 Pagesband building exercises. So in this way they shifted from a well planned gorilla attacks to a frontal attack which Brooke Bond and Lipton were unable to defend because of being engage in fighting for there market share with each other,and under estimating a brand which was few years ago a shop in jodia bazaar.(that clearly demonstrates the real essence of marketing war that is THE unknown†¦meaning who is the enemy, where is the enemy, how to find the enemy, how to beat the enemy before the enemyRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 PagesThree Reasons to Study Statistics 1 1.2 The Nature and Role of Variability 4 1.3 Statistics and the Data Analysis Process 7 1.4 Types of Data and Some Simple Graphical Displays 12 Activity 1.1 Head Sizes: Understanding Variability 22 Activity 1.2 Estimating Sizes 23 Activity 1.3 A Meaningful Paragraph 24 1 2 Collecting Data Sensibly 2.2 Sampling 32 27 2.1 Statistical Studies: Observation and Experimentation 27 2.3 Simple Comparative Experiments 42 2.4 More on Experimental Design 51Read MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesCompany 229 Mohawk National Bank 231 5 NEGOTIATING FOR RESOURCES 235 Ducor Chemical 237 American Electronics International The Carlson Project 245 241 Contents vii 247 6 PROJECT ESTIMATING Capital Industries 249 Polyproducts Incorporated 251 Small Project Cost Estimating at Percy Company Cory Electric 259 Camden Construction Corporation 263 7 PROJECT PLANNING 267 258 Greyson Corporation 269 Teloxy Engineering (A) 274 Teloxy Engineering (B) 276 Payton Corporation

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Optimized Load Planning Of Intermodal Train - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Disuss about the Optimized Load Planning Of Intermodal Train. Answer: Introduction The report is prepared to focus on the management of networks and logistics departments at Qube Holdings Limited. The ways by which it has managed a good infrastructure by enabling various operating divisions to ensure successful management of import and export cargo supply chains in the area of New South Wales, Australia will also be illustrated here. The management of logistics is one of the major components of the supply chain management that has helped in meeting the demands and preferences of the customers and maintained proper control, planning and implementation of the supply chain resources for moving or storing goods and services from the point of origin to the delivery. The report will illustrate the various issues related to the logistics network and management by Qube at New South Wales, Australia. The resolution strategies will also be provided to ensure that the expenditures re reduced and the customers services are improved as well, which are considered as major benefi ts of logistics management. The issues that are faced by the company and the resolution techniques will be created with the utilization of various logistics models and concepts and furthermore will provide useful recommendations for managing successful logistics network all throughout. Logistics network and management One of the major aspects of supply chain management is the logistics management that has helped in meeting the demands and preferences of the customers through proper planning, control and coordination. It has facilitated the processes of making movements and storage of goods and services along with important data and information from the source to the destination point. The logistics management allows for managing the process of accumulating the raw materials and resources until the process of final production and delivery to the clients and other businesses (Allen, Browne and Cherrett 2012). To respond to the needs and preferences of the customers, the management of logistics has managed to facilitate the process strategy and even planned for necessary approaches. This was done for implementing the most suitable strategies and manages the logistics network and departments with ease and effectiveness. Qube Logistics has set up a new operational unit at New South Wales where operations that are managed include Port Botany Empty park, Macarthur Intermodal terminal, Yennora Intermodal terminal and Port Botany Freight Terminal. The New South Wales logistics unit managed by Qube manages freight depots, warehousing activities and store goods in the containers. The rail terminal network is huge and the size of the rail fleet includes 750 wagons and 65 locos. The logistics management and networking activities at Qube Logistics Holding Ltd are managed by operating services through covering of rail and road transportation, management of warehousing activities and distribution of products and services (Beske 2012). All these kinds of services were combined together for developing an integrated solution and meet the demands and expectations of the business clients. Qube Logistics has even expanded its logistics operations and delivered the best quality logistics services by developing the inf rastructure through innovation and wide network management. More strategic logistics hubs are developed at inland places and even at the ports to enhance the abilities of the company and allow rail, road and air transportation facilities too. Qube Logistics Holding has developed and implemented enhanced technologies and applications for providing the customers with the best quality supply chain solutions (Bruns and Knust 2012). Issues with the current logistics network in New South Wales Various important activities are involved with the logistics management at Qube Logistics including selection of the most appropriate vendors who can provide the best quality transportation facilities. Selection of the best route for transportation of the goods and services from one place to another, identification of the most competent methods of delivery and finally usage of various software and IT components for managing the supply chain solutions and logistics activities are also important. Because of so many things involved during the logistics and network management, issues tend to arise when wrong decisions are made. In case the delivery of goods and services is not on time, then the customers may feel dissatisfied while the damage of goods and services during the transportation activities can also lead to negative mindset created among the customers (da Mota Pedrosa, Nslund and Jasmand 2012). With the inappropriate planning of logistics networks, the expenses would increase a nd there even might be issues while implementing the logistics applications and software. There could also be issues related to outsourcing activities and managing delivery of goods and services without availability of enough resources might even bring inaccurate results ( 2014). Due to high traffic congestion on roads, the goods transportation has been affected and there is delay. Due to tool roads, the people who were assigned with the responsibilities of transporting the goods by road had to pay substantial amount of money. By paying the amount of money, an electronic tag was provided to the vehicles while passing through the tool gates. There were few regional issues as well including the large distance between the source and the destination. It is known fact that kangaroos are major hazards on the roads in various parts of the country. While transporting the goods, these animals have got killed, which could even cerate major threats not only for the equipments and vehicles but also threaten the human life by causing accidents at the middle of nowhere (Dekker et al. 2013). The logistics industry is highly competitive and this has created few major issues for Qube Logistics in New South Wales, Australia, both due to internal and external factors. It has deteriorated the system functioning and even issues due to lack of maintenance of laws, rules, regulations, national policies, state transport strategies and through investments in infrastructure. The various activities were even changed through relocation from Port Jackson to Port Botany, which created major issues like the dividing of containers. There were many containers that were transported previously to Port Jackson through rail transportation and after that those were transported to Port Botany by using road transportation (Fawcett, Ellram and Ogden 2013). Due to heavy traffic, the transportation faced major issues like delay of goods and services reaching the concerned location and even degrading the efficiency of multi modal transport access in logistics operations management largely. There wer e conflicts and misunderstandings between the employees and staffs of Qube with the other import or export companies at New South Wales regarding the violation of environmental laws, rules and regulations. The Australian Government even prevented the utilization of the road network for transferring freights, rather it was told to select the rail networks for transportation purposes (Fernie and Sparks 2014). Due to huge volumes of freights and other goods, the container was not effective for storing all those. Thus, the lack of storage in the containers and lack of terminal space were considered as other issues faced in the New South Wales location of Qube Logistics. The containers could reduce the costs of expenses and manage records of the shipments and the entire location was the source of containers, so with the increased demands and expectations of customers and better business outcomes, the storage of containers wand terminal space was not sufficient ( 2014). When the containers consisting the freights and goods are transferred, those are being checked for managing the reduction of costs and keeping track of the records of shipping. From the records, it was seen that there was limitation of space for storing those containers though more than 60 hectare of area was not used until then (Forslund 2012). There were also other issues related to the recycling and privatization of assets to ensure that the freights are transported properly without any delay that might be caused due to the network traffic. At New South Wales, the recycling and privatization of wastes were needed to be done, because of which, there was a plan for setting up an underground route to prevent traffic on roads. It was just after the elections and the ruling Government changed, which created a huge issue for the development of the underground path and resulted in sudden changes in plans too. Due to lack of investments and division between the various parties, much more complexities arose, which further created issues while managing the logistics network (Ghadge, Dani and Kalawsky 2012). Other issues arose when acquisitions were done and this even weakened the logistics services efficiency and transactions in the short term planning. The climatic and weather conditions change from time to time and due to severe climatic conditions, the road network might create chances and risks of accidents during the transportation and delay of air transport facilities too. While transporting the freights to the New South Wales location of Qube through water transport facilities, critical weather conditions could increase the sea level and result in destroying the coastal locations (Hu and Sheu 2013). Resolution techniques To overcome the issues and ensure successful logistics management, it is important for the company to implement the best and most effective logistics management practices and strategies for focusing on the collaboration efforts rather than prioritizing on the competition within the logistics industry. By promoting good communication among the providers if transportation facilities, vendors and purchasers, it could be easy for the Qube Logistics department at New South Wales to reduce the expenditures and at the same time, facilitate the management of networks. This would not only make the business achieve success but could also result in generating more revenue in business and attain competitive advantage as well. It was understood from the above section that the Australian Government enabled the company to use rail networks rather than the road networks for the transfer of freights. Afterwards, the rail authority made an effective business decision and ensured that most of the freig hts, i.e., nearly more than 70 percent of the freights in the containers should be transported through the rail networks from the source location to the Port Botany in New South Wales (Jacobs and Chase 2017). It facilitated the multi modal transport access and even improved the effectiveness of the logistics and network management largely for Qube Logistics, Australia ( 2018). Analysis There are various strategies that are implemented to resolve the issues faced within the logistics and supply chain management at Qube Logistics Holding Ltd in Australia. The company must work with other business partners to focus on the making of cooperative decision and at the same time make an effective decision for the success of the business and even align the logistics alliance aligned with the organizational goals and objectives. There were other issues related to the lack of enough storage in the containers for storing the freights and goods (Lai and Wong 2012). The rolling horizon approach could be undertaken for managing the various containers with inbound, outbound and transit containers altogether. This would help in allocating the storage functions properly and at the same time reduce the workload by ensuring that the same plans were not repeated (Zhang et al. 2013). The reverse logistics network and management also helps in managing the products and services that may no t be used or there is no need to be managing those. The reverse logistics mechanism is useful for reusing the materials and recycling the products and services while moving those from the source to the destination at New South Wales. The four major benefits that could be obtained by using the reverse logistics could be the reduction of costs, manage substitute products and services, reuse and recycle the elements properly too (Manuj and Pohlen 2012). Logistics concepts and models The reverse logistics could be used as a quantitative model by dividing those into three major components including the planning for distribution, control and management of inventories and planning for production. The non-linear model could also be developed for considering both the return and forward networks and at the same time resolve the issues of limited capacity by making sufficient numbers of trucks, vehicles, warehouses and machines required for transportation activities and also for the purpose of logistics and network management. The strategy implemented could also help in ensuring that the vehicles, once emptied the freights at the destination, were used again as soon as possible (Myerson 2012). The costs could be used with the use of model through proper management of return trips and making sure that the trucks and vehicles were properly managed. This could enhance the safety level while transporting goods from one place to another. The intermodal transportation could be used for allowing faster delivery of the freights and goods and reduce the chances of risks like damage of property and losing those. The intermodal transportation could also be beneficial for moving the freights from the source to the destination, i.e., New South Wales location conveniently and appropriately. The JIT approach is another effective way of moving the freights and manage successful logistics network within the allocated time frame. There could be situations when shipments and freights must be delivered at the right place at the right time, which could result in the satisfaction of customers. By managing the emergency and regular shipments properly, it would be easy for easing the jobs that might be complex and ensure successful delivery of the products at the right time and place, furthermore should keep the customers satisfied and allow the company to gain more profit in business (Huscroft et al. 2013). While using the JIT or Just In time model, various factors must be considered including the time of delivery, cost and quality. The transshipments could help in managing the system of distribution considering the one to many approach and even when the goods and services were not delivered to the right location and at the right time. The major functions of the transshipments included the breaking down of bulk amounts of freights and transferring those n the form of smaller components while consolidation could be another major function. Consolidation could allow the company to join the smaller shipments of freights altogether and combine those into a larger one and then get that delivered to the concerned location. The empty space in the location would be covered and the space of containers could be enhanced for storing more goods (Huscroft 2016). To gain the best economies of scale, the size of vehicles used for the transportation purposes should be different at different stages during the process of delivery of freights from the source to the destination. Recommendations It is recommended to optimise the entire supply chain management activities in a cooperative way for achieving the long-term relationships and ensure successful management of logistics at Qube. The improvement of rail networks should be done as well for enhancing the freight storage and allow for reduction of risks and high investments done. By enabling global restructuring, the spaces of containers as well as the ports would be enhanced. It is also recommended for the Australian Government to ensure that the reconstruction and expansion of certain areas in logistics network and management should be done for fulfilling the requirements and preferences of the logistics services and ensure proper financing to the public infrastructure (Verma, Verter and Zufferey 2012). According to the Government of Australia, here are various acts, laws, legislations and rules that are needed to be implemented like the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Road Safety Remuneration act. This could not only cr eate positive impacts by lowering down the costs of providing the internal training and developmental programs but would also enhance the safety level, furthermore prevent the regulatory bodies from any sort of overlapping or contradictory orders. It is also recommended to make investments for the improvements of organizational infrastructures and furthermore resolve the political and social issues and at the same time, decrease the costs and taxpaying abilities. This would rather help in investing on the projects that could benefit both the community and enhance the efficiency of the New South Wales location (Winter and Knemeyer 2012). Conclusion The report was developed for focusing on the most important concepts of logistics and network management considering the business organisation Qube Logistic Holding Ltd. The company has managed to store its freights and delivered those to the new location in New South Wales for easy transportation and delivery to the clients with ease and effectiveness. There were certain issues while relocating and moving the freights and goods from one location to another and because of that it was important to enable various logistics management approaches for ensuring successfully delivery and this could result in the satisfaction of the customers. Few issues were damage and loss of goods and services during the transportation, high traffic that could lead to congestion on roads and unstable weather conditions. The company could follow various legislations, laws, rules and regulations to make sure that the Government support should be obtained and the shipments and freights were transported prope rly to the concerned location at Port Botany in New South Wales. References 2014. [online] ABC News. Available at: [Accessed 23 Jan. 2018]. 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